Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year of the Dogs

Patrick Saunders' paintings of some of the wonderful dogs we met in 2016.
Reference and painting photos by Saunders Fine Arts.

The year of the dog is not until February of 2018 according to the Chinese zodiac, but 2016 was a big year for dog paintings for me. It seems that almost every place we visited this year, there was a dog we fell in love with that I had to paint.

Pets are not only one of my favorite subjects to paint, but also Kimberly’s favorite to photograph. It’s one of the subjects we collaborate on best. It’s rare that any pet will agree to a sitting, but they do love the attention of a photo shoot. Kimberly is great at capturing their personalities, after years spent photographing literally thousands of shelter and rescue pets for adoption at various shelters and rescues across the country. She has photographed not just dogs and cats, but birds, rabbits, and many other small animals, even a snake or two. Her wonderful photos make capturing any pet’s likeness in paint almost effortless.

Dog Portraits by Kimberly Saunders of Saunders Fine Arts

There’s something about the joy in a dog’s face that brings a smile to mine the entire time I work on their portraits. We lost our own beloved dogs and cats in the last two years, due to old age and illness, so 2016 was our first year without any of them. Painting the pets of others brings back memories of all the great moments we shared with our fur kids over the years. Looking forward to meeting, photographing and painting many more four legged friends in 2017. - Patrick

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