Monday, November 9, 2015

Surrounded!!! Knowing When to Quit

While participating in EnPleinAir Texas, I had the opportunity to paint on some beautiful ranch land. One afternoon, I spotted a group of cows lounging in the afternoon sun. They looked very relaxed, and I though it would be a great opportunity to paint them.

I parked the truck and removed my gear, but within minutes I was surrounded.  Check out the cows sneaking up on me through the brush.

This didn't deter me. I set up my gear and started painting a group that was only a few feet from me. They just stood and stared, all the while drooling.

About 15 minutes into the painting, I realized that the larger cow on the right was a bull, as he decided to start rubbing his head against the back of my truck. Before he could do any serious damage, I clapped my hands, and every single cow fled the scene.

That left me without any models, but I decided I liked the painting anyway. I left the piece in the dashed off state that it was, something I would normally never do. The finished piece sold the moment the show opened.  My thanks to the bull for stopping me from overworking the painting! - Patrick

"The Spooked Herd" (oil on panel, 12"x16")
by Patrick Saunders

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