Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Patrick Saunders Fine Arts Plein Air Painting Workshop - Westfield, North Carolina

Artist friends, my plein air workshop in Pennsylvania next June is already sold out, and my North Carolina class next April is already half full, so sign up now to secure your spot.

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Join me near Westfield, North Carolina April 30th - May 1st for my plein air class sponsored by the Stokes County Arts Council.

I’ve taught workshops of all kinds across the country, and many artists in my classes tell me they are afraid of outdoor painting, mainly because of the speed required to capture changing light. I can help you overcome that fear. My approach to painting, indoors or out, lends itself to plein air, because it’s all about simplifying the subject and moving to finish rapidly to keep energy and excitement in your work. 

The way I paint, the way I will teach you to paint, will help you meet the challenge of painting outdoors. Plein air, after all, is just a term for painting in the “open air” on location, which can actually mean indoors or out, so if you’ve ever painted even one still life, you’re already on your way! - Patrick Saunders

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