Monday, June 25, 2018

Plein Air Richmond 2018

We arrived early for Plein Air Richmond this year so that Patrick Saunders could teach a plein air workshop at Maymont Gardens sponsored by the Brazier Gallery. The class sold out, and we had a great time with this wonderful group of artists, some of whom didn't make it into the photo. Our thanks to Sarah of the Brazier gallery for all of her hard work in organizing the workshop, and to Maymont for letting Patrick teach there.

Patrick's first painting this year was done at the historic Hollywood Cemetery, where he painted President John Tyler's view, so to speak, from his resting place on a hill overlooking the James River. Patrick liked the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and struck this beautiful wrought iron gate, creating a strong vertical shadow pattern.

"President Tyler's Eternal View (oil on linen, 16"x20")

Heavy rainstorms hit Richmond for much of the rest of the week, so Patrick decided to focus on interiors for a change. He started with a painting of a space designed by the very talented creatives who are our housing hosts. Patrick was drawn to the way warm and cool light spills into this room from multiple windows. "A Welcoming Table" received an Honorable Mention award from judge Duane Keiser at Plein Air Richmond.

"A Welcoming Table" (oil on linen, 18"x24") SOLD

We got a brief break in the rain Wednesday morning, so we headed to the Pony Pasture Rapids, where Patrick painted this view of the James River.

"Life on the James" (oil on linen, 14"x18")

The rains returned Wednesday afternoon, so Patrick moved back indoors to the historic Jefferson Hotel, where he painted this scene in the lobby. The lobby itself is overwhelming because it's a large space, but Patrick found an intimate scene in a quiet corner that he decided to capture.

"Lounge at the Jefferson" (oil on linen, 16"x20")

On Saturday, Patrick won First Place at Plein Air Richmond's Fast & Fresh quick paint for his painting of the Can Can Brasserie. Our thanks to prize sponsor Jim Bell of BCG Companies.

"Can Can Can" (oil on linen, 12"x16") SOLD

This marks the third year in a row that Patrick has participated in Plein Air Richmond, and it has been a great experience for him every time. We have come to love Richmond, and our housing hosts, who have become friends. We are also grateful to Lauren Brazier for her excellent plein air event that benefits a very worthy cause, the Richmond SPCA.

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