Monday, April 30, 2018

Patrick Saunders Augusta Plein Air Art Festival Workshop II

Patrick's second one-day plein air painting workshop for the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival was held at Honey Bee Vineyards in Augusta, Missouri. We envy the owners of this gorgeous property. It's the kind of place that if you lived there, you'd never want to leave home. Patrick and all of the artists who came for the workshop had a hard time deciding what to paint because there was just so much great subject matter to choose from here.

A wine cellar that dates to the 19th Century.

Patrick Saunders starting his workshop.

Two artists brought their dogs to the workshop, and the vineyard owners had an adorable English Bulldog named Chester, so the class turned into a bit of a dog party as well.

Ringo was so sweet that we wanted to take him home with us.

Who could resist this face?

Chester is the official greeter at Honey Bee Vineyards. He actually waves hello on command.

The morning started a bit windy and chilly, but quickly warmed up to be another wonderful spring day. Our thanks to all of the artists who came out to paint with Patrick, and a huge thank you to Paul and Melissa Hughes, who were fantastic hosts. They not only made lunch for the workshop participants, they also treated everyone to a wine tasting. A little wine and some plein air painting makes for an absolutely perfect day.

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