Monday, November 13, 2017

Patrick Saunders New Studio for the Visual Arts Floral Painting Workshop

Patrick Saunders is teaching a three-day floral painting workshop March 1-3rd, 2018, at the New School of the Visual Arts in Jupiter Florida.

The painted floral requires a balance of spontaneity and accuracy, a perfect subject to practice adding energy to all of your paintings. Learn about choosing a subject, composition, values, color temperature, simplification, how to start and when to stop. Each day will include a full demonstration painting by Patrick, followed by opportunities to create multiple paintings with frequent one-on-one instruction.

The group will work from both cut flowers in the studio and subjects on location. A suggested materials list will be provided upon registration.

To register, call The New Studio for the Visual Arts at 561-295-5712, and ask for Peggy Kirkwood or Ted Matz.

An exhibit of Patrick's floral work also begins before the workshop, with an opening reception at the New School on February 9th, 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

The Dynamic Floral In Oils, Jupiter, FL - March 1-3, 2018
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 1-3
Cost: $475.00

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