Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
We haven’t sent out a newsletter since last spring, and we haven’t posted regularly to our respective blogs in the last few months, but we do have a fairly decent excuse … we have been busy preparing for and launching a huge change in our lives.

We are now officially Plein Air Streaming!

We sold our home in August and hit the road in October in our new Airstream to spend winter in Texas while we gear up to travel the country for plein air events Patrick Saunders will participate in next year. We are mobile now, and while we have no idea how long this adventure will last, or where it will take us, we are loving the journey. We count ourselves lucky to have had very few hiccups so far in easing into this new lifestyle. In fact, it’s been like fish to water - we may never settle down in one place again! Who knows? The best part is not having to know. We can just go with the flow.

Patrick is still painting portraits and accepting commissions, but is focused primarily on painting from life these days. I am focused on outdoor and lifestyle stock photography, so both our personal and professional lives have moved out in the open air, becoming more plein air, so to speak, except when the weather disagrees. But since our house is on wheels, we are free to chase the sun. So we are literally going to Plein Air Stream our way across the country, slowly though, in hopes of fully enjoying and experiencing every place we visit.

And we invite you to travel along with us. You can follow our adventures (and misadventures) in 2016, if you like, in whatever way suits your fancy - you can sign up to follow our Plein Air Streaming blog, and/or follow us on your social media of choice at our other links on our website here.

We’ve been enjoying the holidays the last few weeks, and haven’t been very diligent about communicating, but we promise to do better in the new year. I personally am so excited to see how Patrick is growing and developing as an artist, and I love documenting that process. I look forward to much more of that in 2016.

Patrick and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish each of you all the best in the new year!



2015 Was a Great Year...
I hit the national plein air circuit this year and participated in some fantastic events.
Some of the highlights started in April at Augusta Plein Air where I took the triple crown of Best in Show, First Place in Oil and the Artist's Choice award - all with one painting.

May brought First Place at Penn Valley Park Plein Air, as well as First and Second Place at Stems Plein Air.

In July, Kimberly and I traveled to the Telluride Plein Air Festival where I was honored to take Third Place.

September was my first time participating in Sonoma Plein Air and in October, I finished up the season by taking the Best Architectural Award at En Plein Air Texas.

- Patrick

Read More About Our 2015
...Bring On 2016
The calendar for 2016 is already starting to fill up. We're scheduled for some big upcoming events and more are soon to be announced.

The season starts for us in March at the Lighthouse Plein Air Festival in Tequesta Florida.

Then we're onto St. Louis for the Augusta Plein Air Festival where I have been invited to teach a one day workshop. I'll also be making the short trip west for Penn Valley Park Plein Air in May.

In July, we're traveling to beautiful Door County Wisconsin for our first experience with the Door County Plein Air Festival.

- Patrick

More To Come...