Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sorry, It's Been a Crazy Summer

We have to apologize. We have neglected the blog. 

We promised to share every step of this journey, but when we hit a whirlwind of almost nonstop summer plein air events starting in May, we were consumed by the logistics of dashing from one beautiful place to another, focusing on participating in the events fully, and documenting our experiences along the way. We also took some time to explore, especially in places we had never been. The last few months have taken us from the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast, and then all the way across the country to the Pacific Coast. We did manage to squeeze in a week long trip to Yellowstone National Park on our way to the West Coast, but we are going to use the virtual lack of internet there as our excuse for in not getting back to blogging sooner.

As you can see from the collages above, we’ve been busy. The first group is most of the paintings Patrick has created since our last blog post. The second collage is just a handful of the thousands of stock photos Kimberly has shot during the same timeframe, including all of Patrick's paintings. And then there are her videos … we need a good video editor. We both like to shoot video, but neither of us has had time to edit much.

But now we finally have a short break in Palm Desert, California, before Patrick’s final two plein air events of the year, the Sedona Plein Air Festival and Texas Plein Air. So it’s time to catch up. and we will be blogging about all of the great events we were able to attend in truly stunning parts of this huge country: Paint Annapolis, Mountain Maryland Plein Air, Easels in Frederick, Plein Air Richmond, Plein Air Easton, Door County Plein Air, Paint the Peninsula and Sonoma Plein Air. 

We are going to try not to get behind again. One lesson this summer has taught us is the importance of pacing ourselves. It was a fantastic experience, but we are human, and we can and will slow down a bit going forward.

- Patrick & Kimberly

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  1. Keep posting. We love to keep up with you and hear what and how you are doing. Love your art and photography!