Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lighthouse Artcenter Plein Air Festival - Quick Draw

"DuBois Home In Spring" (oil on panel, 14"x11")
This past Sunday morning, the Lighthouse Artcenter Plein Air Festival concluded with a quick draw at DuBois Park in Jupiter, Florida. The forecast was initially for rain, but it turned out to be a gorgeous morning. Kimberly and I had previously visited the park a few days earlier, and I had painted the lagoon. This time I chose the DuBois Pioneer Home.

Built in 1898, the DuBois Pioneer Home is one of the last remaining historic homesteads of its type in unincorporated northern Palm Beach County. Located along the Jupiter Inlet in Palm Beach County’s DuBois Park, “the house on the hill” is an excellent example of a self-sufficient South Florida Pioneer homestead. Built atop of a Native American shell rock midden by the DuBois Family (one of Jupiter’s most notable pioneer families) this unique homestead is rich in both historic and archeological value.

The quick draw was scheduled to begin at 9am with an 8am checkin time. Keep in mind, I'm still on central time, and daylight savings kicked in that morning. After 3 intense days of painting, we were all exhausted.

I found a perfect shady spot, set up and waited for the horn to sound. I have to be honest, I wouldn't call this a "quick draw." At 3 hours, it was more of a "quickish" draw. Many painters did more than one piece during the time. I was set up near the parking lot and the restrooms, so I had a steady stream of visitors and gave a number of impromptu teaching sessions. Everyone visiting was a pleasure to meet and had a wonderful time.

In progress. Photo by Kimberly Saunders at Saunders Fine Arts.

In progress. Photo by Amber Palomares

In the end, I was pleased with the outcome of the piece, and ready for the final show of the event. - Patrick

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  1. Very Very nice work! Even the "in progress" shot is interesting. I love how the sign in front is in the shadows, but still there...

    1. Thank you Scott. Had to keep that sign subdued, or it would have easily competed with the focal point of the house.