Sunday, October 18, 2015

Observations On Our First PleinAirStreaming Road Trip - Missouri To Texas

1) Write hate speech on a tractor trailer in your field; you’re NOT going to convince us of your POV. We ARE convinced that you’re a Duck Dynasty fan and Trump has your vote.

2) Any politician who supports expanded highway funding has our vote. Pay attention Oklahoma.

3) Our have-it-now culture = more stressed out truckers on the road. Screw you Jeff Bezos.

4) The craziest truckers come out at night … mostly.

5) Walmart parking lots are far better than the best Best Western.

6) Boon docking in an Airstream without the stabilizing jacks down is like sleeping in a bouncy house. Cool.

7) Dallas rush hour expands to at least half the size of the entire state. Don’t try to go around. It’s impossible.

8) The more expensive the car the worse the driver. But we’re practically driving a tank, so if we collide, one of us isn’t going home.

9) Mud flaps - hell yeah.

10) Never underestimate what a 10 degree temp change can do for your mood.

11) The wife is a boss wingman in her Smart car.

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