Monday, August 31, 2015

New Truck Shell

We had a Snugtop shell installed on our Ford F-250 Monday morning. Snugtops are custom made upon order, so we had to wait six weeks for it, and it costs more than most shells, but we are glad we spent the extra money. This custom windowless shell is really sturdy, matched to our truck color perfectly, and much more secure than typical shells. Patrick has already set up shelving inside it, and this week we begin the process of figuring out what will and won't fit in the truck. Whatever we can't take with us has to go, so it will be interesting to see how much we can fit into this space. We are only five weeks out from hitting the road, so clearing out our storage space is our top priority right now. We'll let you know what makes the cut and what doesn't. Every time we look at what is still in our storage space, we can't figure out how after letting go of so much, we still somehow have a lot of stuff. But this is the price we are paying for not selling everything when we sold our home - we hedged our bets by getting a 10'x10' storage space for "essentials" - just in case we hated RV life and wanted to go back to a sticks and bricks life. So now it's crunch time - nothing that we don't really use or need can come with us - it's time to let go of our storage space security blanket.

Patrick has been joking that we need to get something cheesy airbrushed on the side of the shell - his vote is for a three wolf moon. No worries though - the shell will remain airbrush art free.


  1. Hello Patrick-
    I read about you in Outdoor Painter. I am very inspired by your work, blog and this adventure you have begun. It looks like we will be painting together in Jupiter in March. I will be following your Blog until then and look forward to meeting you. All the best with your painting and have a great winter! -Jeff

    1. Thanks Jeff, looking forward to meeting you!